LanguageCert Exams

LanguageCert Exams

LanguageCert International ESOL

LanguageCert Exams

The new generation of English language certificates

High quality English language qualifications available through PALSO language schools at levels B1, B2, C1 and C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Supported by internationally recognised Academics.

LanguageCert International ESOL examinations are regulated by Ofqual, England’s official authority for the regulation of all qualifications, examinations and assessments and most well-respected recognitions authority in the world.

Recognised in Greece by ASEP. See more recognitions

All 4 skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) are tested through LanguageCert exams. Grammar and Vocabulary are not assessed as separate parts of the exam but are integrated in the sections of both exams. LanguageCert assesses candidates’ real communication capabilities in English!

Two exams leading to two separate certificates:

– International ESOL Written Exams (Listening, Reading, Writing)

– International ESOL Spoken Exams (Speaking)

Written Exam format

Listening:         4 parts, heard twice, 26 questions

Reading:          4 parts, 26 questions

Writing:           2 tasks

Duration: about 2 ½ hours, depending on the exam level

Passing score: 50% (aggregate scoring – no minimum low score in any exam section)

Spoken Exam format

4 structured parts

Duration: about 15 minutes, depending on the exam level

Passing score: 50%

For more information, please visit our website (

Advantages of LanguageCert International ESOL exams

  • Frequent exams
  • Friendly atmosphere is guaranteed during both exams
  • Carefully selected exam topics and tasks based on practical experience
  • Similar format of exams at all CEFR levels, so that candidates feel at ease and know what to expect
  • Marking by independent Markers, ensuring impartiality
  • Personal interview: in the Spoken exam candidates are examined individually by an Interlocutor, so that they can perform at their best
  • Interlocutor does not assess – Speaking sessions are recorded and marked by independent Markers
  • Fast results & certificates issuing (hard-copy & online)
  • Remarking is available for both Written and Spoken exams
  • Free exam re-sit (conditions apply)
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